Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Watson!

Happy three-week birthday! I can't wait until you come "home." So many wonderful things await you, we will have some excellent adventures together. Fig, and Duncan can't wait to meet you as well.


  1. Welcome to the Blogiverse, Alden! So happy to know Watson's going home to you!!!

  2. He's such a cutie! Whenever I catch him snuffling his way across the whelping pool, I tell him, "Good Trackin' Dog, Watson. Find it!"

  3. awwww :) Too cute :)
    Kota wants to know if he'll see pictures of his uncle Dunc here too ;-) Specially since he was called Dunkota the first year of his life by Auntie Mandy :)

  4. Denali says: "Uncle Dunc is beaooootiful! Yes, let's see pictures!"

    Sage says: "Hey's it going bro? Guess what, we're having a birthday soon! I'm getting a big mixed meat cake! YUM!"