Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Photos.

Some new pictures taken by my son, Nelson. They are in no particular order, and I'm sorry some (esp. of Carolyn) are out of focus.

Fig still thinks he can fit into his puppy bed.

Watson. The first time he did this my heart skipped a beat, this was Axel's classic "give me more" move.

Dear, dear Dunky-Doo, dreaming of delicious drumstricks.

G-Ma Carolyn and Watson .

Blizzard at Crater Lake.

Mt. Shasta from the car.

Warming up after falling in the koi pond. It should be noted that he is wrapped in my late grandmother's mink coat. What do you expect from a puppy who was weaned on food served from crystal dishes?

Watson was "baptized" in Oregon. He fell in my Aunt's Koi pond.... I guess you can say he "swam with the fishes."

A boy and his dog.

Going to the ranch, and no, Fig is not drinking from the cup.

A sleep over at the ranch.

The end.


  1. Watson is growing up to be such a cute boy -- hugs little guy. Hugs to you and your family as well, Alden.

  2. Nice to see new photos of the adorable Watson. He is just SO cute!

  3. Cute Watson. He's getting his nose! So funny when their faces start to turn into corgis.

    Love the "sit up" move. Kenai used to do that. She is the only one of ours that ever has.

    Hugs to all! Great to see new photos of all the kids!