Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Paws it Forward.

Wow! Kathy Miller, Sage, Denali, and Elbee sent the "terror trio" some wonderful Paws it Forward goodies. Watson, Fig, and Duncan received treats, a "crazy" squirrel, squeaky toys, and my all-time favorite, the ever-popular Babble Ball. The dogs love the Babble Ball, especially at 5:30am. Note to self: Turn it off before bedtime.

While the dogs played with all their new toys, I marveled at the "treats" that were included for the humans. There was a wonderfully soft, snuggly blanket covered with dog paws (no, Teddy, you may not take it to college with you). Then there was "The Mug." "The Mug" is perhaps one of the neatest presents I have received in years. On its front is a picture of puppies Watson and brother Holmes sitting next to daddy Chase. It is truly a lifetime keepsake. Sadly, my pictures don't do it justice.

Thank you, Kathy, thank you!

So, to continue with Paws it Forward, the first two people to comment on this post with your email address, will get goodies (I can't promise custom mugs).


  1. Ah, yes! The mug immortalizing those three mugs. Very clever that Kathy.

  2. Very nice, what a wonderful ides. They looked like they had a blast. Did it come with a gift card to Rutherford their favorite outside place to dine.

  3. Alden,

    I am so glad you all enjoyed your box. We were very excited about the mug. I am so glad you like it and that the kids enjoyed their toys. The Babble Ball is definitely a big favorite for Sage.

    Denali says she'll be glad to dine at Rutherford any time. Sage said he'd be glad to dine just about anywhere at any time. Elbee asked if they do home delivery.

    So does this mean that Cappy and Malibu want to Paw it Forward?