Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Tahoe Pictures

Filling up in Napa. Watson is shocked at the price of gas!

Watching the in-car DVD. Watson loved "The South Park Movie." "You killed Kenny....."

Fig has seen the movie a few (hundred) times. He was bored.

My human boys ate this for lunch before we went home. It was a long, smelly drive back to Napa.

Fig makes the best pillow.

Good-bye, lake, see you in three weeks!


  1. Love the picture of Watson poking his head oout of the car! He's just so cute!

  2. I'm glad you had a good trip -- sometimes getting away is more than just an outing! Watson looks like such a grown-up dog!

  3. Nice to see the pictures, Alden.

    How about some words describing your various beasties?

  4. Ah, Watson, you look so fine! Thanks, Alden!

  5. Sage wants to know how he can get in on the chili-cheese fries fest! Oh, and he thinks that Watson's white face is really cool!

    Nice photos!