Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, and Spending the W'end?

Yup, Captain and Malibu! Trenton and Denise had a funeral to attend in Los Angeles, and asked me to look after Cappy and Mally (my son Nelson's name for Malibu). They're here until Sunday. I'm sorry that a tragedy in Trenton's family necessitated the slumber party, but we're having a blast.

Today was Nelson's 13th birthday, and we had a small party at the ranch to celebrate. I took all five dogs, Captain, Fig, Watson, Mailbu, and Duncan. Poor Duncan thinks he has sunk past Dante's 7th Circle. He is not amused by the chaos that surrounds him.

Here are some quick pictures.

Off we go to the ranch. Fig, Ian, Malibu, and Captain.

Malibu says, "This is my good side. Wait! I don't have a bad side." BTW, she is the most well-behaved, sweetest Corgi girl out there. We had a long talk about tracking. Ahemm, Denise. ;-)

"Well, come on, let's go. I heard there was going to be a party. Girls just want to have fun!"

Party time! "I love the ranch...dogs ARE people here. See my good manners, my elbows are not on the table, but I miss you mom and dad."

Ian and Captain.

Now we get into "BADDOG" territory....

" Hmm, is that cake I smell?"

"Being the good tracking dog that I am, I must investigate this delicious aroma."

"Damn, no cake, but there ARE chips, and an iPhone. Perhaps I can call and order cake?"
Thank you, Trenton and Denise for entrusting me with your wonderful dogs. We're back on the ranch tomorrow. Hope you're doing OK in L.A.


  1. What a gang! So sorry about the real baddog -- I think it's genetic (I'm sure it has nothing to do with Watson's early upbringing.)

  2. Well at least things are well and they seam to be doing well and fitting in. Don't have all the fun or maybe you should so when get to go back to the ranch they know where to go and what to do. Keep on trucking see you soon.

  3. Penni, Watson's just taking after daddy Chase. Office desk, table? What's the difference?

    Trenton, the second we got Cappy and Malibu out of the car at the ranch, the BOLTED into the house, and right down the outside stairs to the grass. It was pretty funny. They KNOW where they were! Malibu is still keeping Nelson company. She's a great nurse.