Sunday, March 21, 2010

Life's A Beach....

Only in California can you spend the morning on the slopes, and the afternoon on the beach, all in one idyllic location: Lake Tahoe.

While the three older kids skied, Nelson and I went exploring. I tried to get some pictures of Fig and Watson "on the slopes," but with the record snowfall this year, they pretty much sank. So, we hit the beach instead.

While on King's Beach, I had one of the funniest conversations about Corgis that I have ever had. A man walked up to me and asked the inevitable, "What kind of dogs are those?" To which I replied, "Cardigan Welsh Corgis."

" My sister's got one of those, though hers is a Welsh one," says he.

"Oh, she must have a Pembroke Corgi," says I. He scratched his jaw for a moment and said, "Nope, hers is Welsh."

"Well, there are two types of Corgis, but they both originated in Wales."

I will never forget his reply, " Must be a different dog, I'm pretty sure hers came from Fresno."

I LOVE people!

Note: Duncan prefers warm weather, and warm beds. He stayed "back on the ranch," where, according to my mother, he was hand-fed raw chicken breasts, and watched lots of PBS TV.

After a long day on the slopes, Ian relaxes at The Bridge Tender in Tahoe City.

Only 5 more years Maddie, and you too can be sitting at the bar.

Kings's Beach. March, 2010. Can you spot the BADDOGS in the FAR distance?

The lake and surrounding mountains.


Another day in paradise.

Nelson takes Watson and Fig for a run.

Fabulous Fig.

What a handsome boy! (Notice how Watson always has his nose to the ground. Good dog!)

BFF's There was a very strict leash law ($250.00 fine) but nowhere was it written that the leash had to be attached to a human.


I love this place.

A nap after a long day of fun.


  1. This almost makes me want to be a cardi -- or at least from Fresno. Too funny!

  2. Watson sure has grown up! I love the second to last photo, sitting on the beach.....

  3. Wow, I never knew there was a Fresno in Wales.

    Or maybe the guy was just from Fresno.

    Great pictures!

  4. I'm pretty sure that any corgi from Fresno would deny it! (I know I would!)

  5. P.S. Love the Fig/Watson photos. Watson's white face makes me smile every time I see it. Can't wait to see him now that he's a "Big Dog."

    Denali and I will be up this Thursday for Rally and to see Cappy show in Vallejo. Hope to see you!