Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Watson Has Struck Again!

I couldn't figure out why my monitor went blank a few moments ago. Upon closer inspection.....I'll admit that the little bugger is pretty stealth; I never noticed him under my desk.


  1. Hmmm. I think I'll just make a standing apology. I am sorry I sold you such a baddog. He comes by it honestly -- has a brother and a dad who engage in such destruction. I had posted disaster descriptions before you ever thought about being owned by Watson (that's the disclaimer part). He's still so very cute.

  2. I LOVE my BADDOG!! Actually, he's not a "real" BADDOG, he just chews things, much like his daddy, brother, and cousin, Fig. He is still the cuddliest, goofball of a puppy. He's house broken (unless it's raining), comes when he's called (most of the time), and is the best pillow warmer, ever.

  3. Oh that is just rich! When Russ was a puppy he ate several keyboards! Enjoy your baddog! I know I certainly enjoy mine.