Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Watson Had a Playdate.

This past Saturday, I took my children to see the "Sound of Music Sing-a-Long." I didn't want to leave Watson alone with Fig and Dunc (Dunky's not happy about his diet, and I'm afraid he might EAT Watson), or in a crate for over 8 hours (The movie was showing in San Francisco, an hour's drive from Napa, and we went in early to have lunch, etc.). Trenton and Denise, Captain's owners, graciously offered to "puppy sit" Watson. They live right on the way to the city, so it was a perfect arrangement.

These following pictures were taken by Denise and Trenton....

"Oh wow, we had a doggie door at G'ma Penni's, I wonder how this works?"

"Hey, Cappy, wanna bust me out of here?"

"Well, I guess I'll just eat my way out."

"I really like it here! Thanks for a great day Cousin Cappy, Malibu, Trenton, Denise, and Myka. You guys are THE best! I look just like the "Chuck-it" you gave us."


  1. Awww....too cute! Sage wants to know when he gets to puppy sit? (I don't think he has figured out that he's not Watson's age any more.)

    Looks like Cappy had a great time being the "big dog!" Look forward to seeing you in January!

  2. Watson is a cutie -- and you are so fortunate to have Cappy and his people to invite him over. Yep, dog doors are very handy.