Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Watson Meets Dr. Callie and Gets Probed

Today, Watson got to meet one of his two vets, Dr. Calaveras Cunningham (awesome name). Dr. Callie did a "well puppy" check-up, and declared Watson, "Perfect." Of course he is! However, Watson was not too thrilled about having his temperature taken. Who is? ;-)

"OK, Watson, this is a thermometer. It won't hurt a bit.
" Excuse me! This may not hurt, but it is damn embarrassing. I'd like to see YOU in this position, lady. "

"OK, so that really wasn't that bad." Everybody left smiling.

Good boy, Watson!


  1. He's just so cute! I'm barely prejudiced . . . tomorrow we'll be giving thanks that if there are only two puppies, one of them is a white-faced Watson.